Design achievement dream and Dongfeng Peugeot 4008 enjoy Paris Fashion Week
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     On September 23, the spring and summer 2020 Paris fashion week, which is leading the global design trend, started. In this fashion week, Dongfeng Peugeot 4008 and Sohu fashion work together to directly attack the top fashion show of Paris fashion week and jointly display the fashion style of the world. ,

设计成就梦想 与东风标致4008共赏巴黎时装周

      Peugeot, with a brand history of more than 200 years, abandoned the traditional industry at the beginning of its establishment and focused on the industry. Peugeot's products, such as tools, skirts, coffee grinders, pepper grinders, bicycles, small mopeds and cars, all reflect its unique design style and a "unique" fashion temperament. As early as the 18th century, Peugeot completely changed the structure of women's skirt in the upper society through the innovation of design and technology, so as to meet the demand of women's pursuit of noble and elegant. The skirt produced by Peugeot became necessary for the fashion life pursued by the French queen and European dignitaries.

     In 1889, Armand Peugeot led the company into the field of automobile manufacturing, and took the lead in the continuous competition, leading Peugeot to continuous success. In Peugeot's car building history, the palace sports car brand Bugatti once took the initiative to work with Peugeot to jointly design the legendary sports car - Peugeot BP1. Peugeot was responsible for the design and examined from an artistic point of view. Bugatti was responsible for fast. In addition, Mr. Bugatti, who had been influenced by fashion art since childhood, integrated the art design and speed, and shared the same goal with Peugeot. Today, Peugeot continues to pursue outstanding technology, quality and fashion design, perfectly integrating passion and excellence, and becoming a dual expert of designers and engineers.

设计成就梦想 与东风标致4008共赏巴黎时装周

     Today, Dongfeng Peugeot is the inheritor of Peugeot's car building concept and technology for more than 100 years. This time, 4008 and Sohu fashion went to Paris fashion week together, showing its fashion charm leading the design of the automobile industry. Leading the trend with foresight design and combining internal and external repair, 4008 has shaped the trend model of this market segment. Just like the "Lion" logo on the water tank grille, it always brings us a kind of fierce elegance. The front and rear lamp sets designed by bionics make people fall in love with each other at first sight and never forget. The front grille of "dot array" design originated from the racing square flag not only has the taste of fashion design, but also pays homage to Peugeot's brilliant achievements in racing for one hundred years. The side leaping three-dimensional waistline design enhances the sense of movement and strength, as if the lion were leaping ahead in front of him. I-cockpit is the only cockpit that brings the essence of intuitive driving control. The mix design of advanced materials shows the elegance of every inch.

设计成就梦想 与东风标致4008共赏巴黎时装周

     Today, Peugeot SUV is favored by European consumers. As the leader of the European SUV market, Peugeot integrates preciseness and passion into its blood and prints it in every design of flexible curve, thus becoming the leader of fashion trend.

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