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     On August 7, 2019, Rissa Electronics Co., Ltd., the world's leading semiconductor solution provider, announced today that Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. applied Rissa's innovative high-performance automotive electronic technology to its propilot 2.0 intelligent control navigation system. The new Nissan Skyline model with this system was unveiled on July 16, 2019. The driving assistant system combines the navigation system and the full automatic driving function of the single lane on the highway. It uses the system level chip (SOC) of r-car and the micro controller (MCU) of rh850 automobile to realize the driving judgment and control in the electronic control unit (ECU).

瑞萨电子创新型汽车电子芯片 适用于搭载ProPILOT2.0驾驶辅助系统的全新Nissan Skyline车型

       Propilot 2.0 intelligent control navigation technology is used for driving of expressway, covering the process from ramp in to ramp out. It can help the vehicle to follow the preset route on the designated road by cooperating with the vehicle's navigation system. For the first time, this technology realizes the driving without manual intervention under the condition of single lane cruise.

        In order to achieve this advanced function, the r-car SOC combines the information collected by cameras and front-end radars about nearby vehicles and other objects with the preloaded high-precision 3D map data for navigation to create a detailed environment map around the vehicle. SOC determines vehicle location based on map data and lane information, and makes vehicle driving plan based on the information. The rh850 MCU receives the result data and sends control commands such as steering wheel, throttle, brake, etc. to the ECU. The combination of r-car SOC's high-performance processing and rh850's real-time response and high reliability enables the judgment and control operations to be carried out in order and accurately, which helps to realize the driving assistance system of Nissan's propilot 2.0.

        "The adoption of propilot 2.0 on the skyline model requires technical innovation to achieve performance, so as to maintain high reliability and achieve real-time sensor data processing performance that is many times higher than before," said Yoshiro, director and vice president of Nissan's electronic technology / system technology development department. With years of cooperation with leading manufacturers such as Renesas, Nissan has helped to promote the realization of advanced driving assistance technology. I'm glad that the industry-leading propilot 2.0 system can be an outstanding achievement of this technology. "

        "It's a great honor for Nissan to use Risa's automotive semiconductor solution in the propilot 2.0 system and apply it to its new skyline model," said Shingo Yamamoto, executive vice president of RISA electronics and general manager of automotive solutions. Nissan's confidence in the processing performance and quality of our semiconductor products, as well as the overall project partner of the advanced driving aid system ECU, enables us to integrate the technical expertise of RISA for research and development. Looking forward to the future, I believe that the cooperation between Risa and Nissan will continue to deepen and be strong. "

        Risa will continue to introduce innovative solutions, promote the development of driving assistance system and automatic driving technology, and realize reliable and safe travel mode.

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