The car's "one key start" switch can be used in this way, do you know?
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The development of automobile technology has made driving more intelligent and convenient. As a new generation of automobile standard function, the one-touch start switch condenses the essence of science and technology and humanized design, not only brings a new experience for driving, but also highlights the automobile manufacturers attach great importance to the safety and comfort.


Today, the one-touch start switch has become a symbol of the vehicle's identity. It is just a small button, but contains multiple humanized considerations and intelligent technology integration. This tiny design is the embodiment of automakers' deep listening to users' needs and continuous innovation.


  • Anti-touch protection to minimize the risk of accidents


In the process of automobile driving, a slight action of the driver may lead to serious consequences. For example, accidentally touching the key knob may cause the engine to shut down instantly. In this case, the braking system loses power, the steering wheel becomes heavy, and the vehicle becomes extremely difficult to control, increasing the risk of rear-end collisions or other serious accidents.


The designers of the Push To Start switch recognized this potential risk. Therefore, they have added an anti-touch protection function to the system to effectively prevent such an accident from occurring. The engine will only turn off when the Push Start switch is pressed long or continuously. This design not only eliminates the risk of unintentional misuse while driving, but also leaves the possibility of quick manual shutdown in case of emergency.


  • Automatic power off, energy saving and high efficiency at the same time


Modern life is fully integrated by cell phones, tablets and other digital devices, everyone has more or less forgotten to turn off the phone, resulting in rapid power consumption. Unfortunately, while cell phone power loss is trivial, vehicle power loss can have serious consequences.


If the vehicle is left on for a long time, it will not only lead to fuel waste, but also damage the battery and electrical system, affecting the next normal start of the vehicle. The automatic power-off protection function of the one-touch start switch can solve this problem very well. When the system does not detect the legal key signal for a long time, and confirms that the driver has left the car, it will automatically cut off the power supply, avoiding waste and damage.


Some people may say, just cultivate a good habit, leave the car off the engine can eliminate such problems. However, the reality is not as simple as imagined. The busyness of work and life often makes people distracted and forgetful, even the most careful people, there will be occasional forgetfulness. People are not sages, who can not fault?


  • Automatically close the windows to eliminate the risk of theft


After the vehicle is turned off and the driver leaves, it is easy to forget to close the windows. For individuals, this is just a small negligence, but may create a major property loss for themselves. Once a thief spies the property inside the car, it is a trivial matter to open the vertical and horizontal windows.


One key start switch window automatic closing function, can completely eliminate this risk. When the vehicle is turned off and the key is left, the system will intelligently detect and close all the windows, effectively protecting the integrity of the car's contents. This design not only gives people a sense of security, but also releases an important signal: the windows automatically close for you.

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