Prospect of electric tailgate technology
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As automotive technology continues to evolve, more and more automakers are starting to incorporate electric tailgates into their models. Electric tailgate is an advanced door design that can be opened and closed by pressing a button or remote control. This article will introduce the working principle, development trend and future industry trends of electric tailgate.


The working principle

The working principle of the electric tailgate is based on the electronic control unit (ECU) and the electric motor. When the driver presses a button on the remote or inside the car, the ECU sends instructions to the electric motor, which activates and drives the tailgate up or down. During tailgate movement, the ECU monitors sensor feedback and controls the speed and force of the electric motor to ensure smooth and reliable tailgate movement.


Safety performance

Electric taildoors have some advantages in terms of safety performance compared to traditional manual taildoors. The following are some aspects:

1. Avoid accidental injury: The traditional manual tail door may not be completely closed or suddenly closed when it is closed, which may cause accidental injury. When the electric tailgate is closed, it is controlled by an electronic control unit to ensure that the tailgate is completely closed, thus avoiding this accidental injury.

2. Anti-theft function: The electric taildoor is usually equipped with anti-theft function, which can be controlled by remote control or button in the car to open and close. This anti-theft function can effectively prevent the vehicle from being stolen by criminals.

3. High-quality materials: The manufacture of electric tailgate usually uses high-quality materials, such as steel, aluminum alloy, etc., so as to ensure the robustness and durability of its structure. This can also improve the safety of the vehicle.


While there are some advantages to electric taildoors, there are also some safety issues to be aware of. For example, when using an electric tailgate, you should avoid standing under the tailgate or reaching in while the tailgate is opening or closing. In addition, when the electric tailgate fails, it should also be repaired in time to ensure its normal use and safety performance.


Development trend

With the expansion of the electric vehicle market, the demand for electric tailgates is also increasing. The advantage of the electric tailgate is that it can be easily opened and closed, especially for women and the elderly. In addition, the electric tailgate can also improve the safety performance of the vehicle, because it eliminates the unexpected situation that can occur when the tailgate is manually operated.

At present, more and more car manufacturers have begun to apply electric taildoors to their models. Some luxury car brands have included electric tailgates as standard equipment in their models. In addition, some mid-range car brands have also begun to offer electric taildoors as optional equipment. With the continuous progress of technology and the continuous reduction of cost, electric tail doors have gradually become the standard equipment of vehicles.


Future industry trends

In the future, the electric tail will become an important trend in the automotive industry, and it will continue to develop in the direction of more intelligent and automated. For example, some high-end car manufacturers are already developing electric taildoors with gesture control and foot sensing switches, allowing drivers and passengers to more easily control the opening and closing of taildoors. In addition, some car manufacturers are also developing intelligent sensing systems that can automatically open or close the rear door according to the driver's needs.


In short, electric tailgates are an important development trend in the automotive industry, which will lead to a more convenient, safe and intelligent driving experience. With the continuous progress of technology and the continuous reduction of cost, electric tail doors have gradually become the standard equipment of vehicles. In the future, we can also look forward to the emergence of more intelligent and automated electric tailgate technology to meet the higher needs of drivers and passengers.

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