How to choose car horn speaker
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    The loudspeaker of car horn is our commonly known car horn, this device must have been seen by everyone. Its function is to send out the necessary sound signal to warn the pedestrians and other vehicles during the driving process of the car, to ensure the traffic safety, and at the same time to urge and transmit the signal. Since it has such a great effect, we need to be more careful in our choice. Here is the right choice for you.

Focus on sound quality

    In the choice, many people are easy to enter a misunderstanding, that is, only pay attention to technical parameters and not pay attention to sound quality. In fact, many fake speaker specifications are very good. That's fake. Don't let the appearance deceive you. The technical parameters of loudspeakers must be looked at. However, due to the different materials, processes and structures, the sound quality of loudspeakers will be greatly different, such as the voice and voice color of the same person. So when we choose, we must pay attention to the sound quality of car speakers.

Watch the volume.

     Many people think that the louder the car speakers, the better, so they use this as the standard when choosing, which is not true. This is because listening to music in a loud environment for a long time can cause great damage to the ears. I believe that many people have seen the big caliber tweeter used for broadcasting before. That kind of speaker can make a lot of volume, but can you use it to enjoy music? Therefore, when choosing speakers, we should take into account the performance of high, medium and low pitch, and timbre, rather than just pursuing loudness.

Pay attention to the quality of the loudspeaker

    Many people do not consider the loudspeaker as one of the main factors when they choose the car loudspeaker. In fact, if you use the same single disc player and push two pairs of speakers at different prices, but the parameters are basically the same, you will have experience after listening. The high price and good quality performance must be good.

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