New record! Maserati conquers the Caribbean
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     March 12, 2019, Shanghai - born on the track, a century old trend. Italian super luxury car brand Maserati's brilliant achievements in dominating the field are still being talked about. In addition to the track, this ambitious automobile brand is chopping waves in the unpredictable vast sea area, continuing its brand's new journey with the unremitting pursuit of speed and passion.

     Chopping waves and breaking sea records

     In the 11th RORC 600 nautical mile Caribbean Regatta not long ago, the "Maserati" multi 70 set a new record with a proud performance of 6 hours, 49 minutes and 0 seconds in a day, ranking first, adding another glory to Maserati's brilliant maritime legend. The RORC Caribbean 600 Regatta is regarded as one of the most complex and challenging sailing events in the world due to its high standard. This year's race attracted 78 sailboats from more than 20 countries. The starting and ending points of this competition are all located in Antigua, covering 11 islands with a total voyage of 600 nautical miles.


      Guided by Captain Giovanni sodini, the multi 70, with its futuristic design and outstanding performance, is a three body sailing boat designed for high winds. Her most amazing feature is that her special hydrofoil can make the hull fly away from the water under the strong wind, and gallop freely in the strong wind and waves. The strong wind on the day of the competition enabled the multi 70, the Maserati, to perform its "flight mode" and fly on the sea.

      The whole race was intense and exciting. The multi 70 of the Maserati and the powerful Argo 70 launched a top-level battle. Shortly after the start of the race, the Maserati multi 70, with the cooperation of the crew, surpassed the Argo 70, which was temporarily ahead, and then flew southward at a speed of 37 knots.


      After sailing to Guadeloupe, the high mountains of the island block the wind and greatly affect the sailing speed of the sailboat. What's more challenging is that the main sail of "Maserati" multi 70 is damaged, which makes the result of the competition highly suspense. In the last 30 miles, the race entered the stage of albinism, and the competition between the multi 70 and Argo 70 was always in a sticky situation. In the end, thanks to the superb skills of Captain Giovanni sodini and his team, the Maserati multi 70 won the championship by 7 seconds.

     After the match, Captain Giovanni sodini sincerely said: "this is an unforgettable match. The success of winning the laurel is due to the rich experience accumulated by the fleet members during the two years of fighting side by side with multi 70. Thank the players for their precise operation and tacit cooperation in the competition


      Fearless challenge to write a legend for a hundred years

      Since she galloped in the sea, Maserati's powerful sports genes and excellent technology have made her famous in many navigation competitions around the world. In 2012, "Maserati" multi 70 challenged the North Atlantic, setting three significant sailing records, becoming the first Italian sailing ship to set a record in the official channel of the world speed recording Commission. In 2016, Maserati set a new record in the Rolex Mediterranean Regatta, which no one has ever broken. In 2018, the trimaran successfully challenged the Hong Kong London classic tea route and set a new world record with an absolute advantage of nearly a week ahead.


     Whether it's fighting in the vast ocean, racing track or road, whether it's the "Maserati" multi 70, which has won many battles, or the luxury car which integrates excellent performance and extreme luxury, it perfectly demonstrates Maserati's brand spirit: Fearless challenge, self breakthrough and never compromise. And this brand spirit will continue to lead Maserati to challenge another new situation. Well, today's sharing is here. To learn more about cars, please pay more attention to the official website of Shanghai SHANGKAI Automobile Electric Co., Ltd.:

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