Feel the future life! Sync +, a microcosm of "everything connected"
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       On the way home, your smart home is already busy. Turn the air conditioner to the most comfortable temperature, and help you put the bath water for heat preservation. When face recognition goes home, the light will turn on automatically, and the easy music will sound. When sleeping, just click the sleep mode, and the light, curtain, TV, etc. will turn off automatically... " This is the intelligent era of "all things connected", which seems far away, but is happening around us.

       In our traditional cognition, automobile is often the information "island" excluded by the interconnection of all things. However, with the expansion of urban radius and the increase of commuting time, automobile space has become the third space outside the living and office space. The "interconnection of all things" attribute of the vehicle and machine system has become an urgent issue for major vehicle enterprises. Ford is committed to continuously applying the world's leading technology and forward-looking technology more in line with the needs of local consumers to the automotive products. Through in-depth cooperation with Baidu, it has built sync + intelligent travel information entertainment system, giving the most effective and closest to the "Internet of all things" automotive system.


(sync + experience map)

      Office, car and residence space are interconnected, enjoying the time car as the link between home and office location, carrying the intelligent switching from office to vehicle, from vehicle to home. The intelligent technology carried by Ford creates a series of interconnected scenarios through the complementary of Ford school and sync + system.

      Before leaving work, use the "Ford app" to start the vehicle in advance, and turn on the air conditioner to ensure that the temperature is appropriate and easy to start at the moment of entering the vehicle. If the parking environment of the office is complex, and you happen to forget the parking location of the vehicle, you can also directly query the GPS location of the vehicle through the Ford app, and send the personal location information to the vehicle to start walking navigation for you.

      On the way home, if you have any discomfort with your seat, car temperature, etc., even if you suddenly want to listen to a music, you can directly use voice control. The powerful AI intelligent voice also has a strong natural semantic recognition ability, which is close to the natural dialogue. For example, if you just say "I'm cold", the air conditioner will automatically heat up, as the Butler is intelligent and human.

      At the same time, the smart furniture interconnection of sync + can also realize the seamless experience from the car to the home. In the car, you can turn on the air conditioner, air purifier and sweeping robot in advance, making going home a very ceremonial return. At the same time, the one-stop life service of sync + system can also book take out in advance to ensure that you can enjoy the hot food at the moment of returning home.


(new Fox active sync + function map)

      Unlimited growth, the seamless interconnection of offices, vehicles and residences built by sync + intelligent travel information entertainment system in the future is the core bearing of the future Internet era of everything. With the popularization of 5g network and the evolution of intelligent technology, sync + system will continue to be upgraded, and update will be pushed to every vehicle model that needs to be updated in the way of Ota, so as to continuously deepen the Internet scene and meet the latest intelligent demands of consumers.


(Taurus sync + screen)

       "Internet of everything" is imperceptibly changing people's lives. The information interaction between the automobile and the outside world is not only the urgent needs of the current users, but also the future development direction of the automobile industry. In the future, Ford brand will continue to give Ford intelligent travel information entertainment system sync + more comprehensive and novel "skills" and apply it to all new models to meet the all-round needs of consumers for automobile intelligence.

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