The breakthrough of "powerful transportation country" with intelligent Internet
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      In order to make people travel more convenient and live more satisfied, recently, the State Council issued the outline of building a powerful transportation country (hereinafter referred to as the outline). It is proposed in the outline that by 2020, we will have completed the tasks of building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way and the tasks of the 13th five year plan for thedevelopment of a modern comprehensive transportation system; from 2021 to the middle of this century, we will promote the construction of a powerful transportation country in two stages. By 2035, the country will be basically a transportation power; by the middle of this century, it will be a transportation power with people's satisfaction, strong security and the world's leading position.

       In the outline, it is proposed to strengthen the research and development of intelligent Internet connected vehicles (intelligent vehicles, automatic driving, vehicle road coordination), and form an independent, controllable and complete industrial chain. We will vigorously develop smart transportation. Promote the deep integration of big data, Internet, artificial intelligence, blockchain, supercomputing and other new technologies with the transportation industry. Promote the development of data resource enabled transportation.


       Jiang Yong, chairman of Asia US technology, who focuses on the field of intelligent travel, thinks that "intelligent Internet vehicles are not only self driving, rich in vehicle intelligence can bring users a real" Internet "car experience. On the one hand, 5g network has the advantages of low delay and high speed, which provides the basic guarantee for the networking of intelligent vehicles. In the future, with the fundamental solution to the problems of vehicle vehicle cooperation and vehicle road cooperation, driverless and automatic driving will play a role in improving traffic. On the other hand, on-board intelligent equipment is also providing convenient services for people's travel, ensuring travel safety, and stimulating the vitality of upstream and downstream industries. ".

        At present, the significance of vehicle intelligent equipment for intelligent transportation is no less than that of driverless and intelligent driving. First of all, in the face of complex road conditions and visual blind areas, the perception of the potential road condition risk by the on-board equipment is the guarantee of the vehicle owner's travel safety. Taking the smart terminal of Yamei automobile as an example, the product has the functions of fault detection, driving evaluation, remote anti-theft, violation reminder, emergency rescue, etc., which can make the car owner more worry free, economic and safe in the process of using the car. For example, when the vehicle breaks down, Che Zhihui detects the fault of the vehicle, and the owner can find the hidden danger in time; for example, the emergency rescue function, when the owner of a certain place breaks down during driving, after the owner submits the work order on Che Zhihui app platform, the platform will automatically match the cooperative rescue company according to the actual situation, so as to provide the owner with rescue service in time.

        Secondly, intelligent terminal products can monitor driving behavior in real time and collect travel data. For example, through the big data analysis of chezhihui background, it can provide personalized maintenance programs for car owners, on the one hand, it can meet the needs of car owners, on the other hand, it can provide platform tools for the active marketing of offline service stores, and improve the economic benefits of offline stores. At present, relying on the millions of vehicle condition data, user's driving behavior data and user's travel habits data collected by chezhihui data service platform, Yamei technology will be further applied in the field of social public management, and enable all walks of life with data resources.

         For how to promote the development of the transportation industry in the future, Jiang Yong believes that on the one hand, it is necessary to focus on the research and development of core technologies and launch more products that satisfy consumers. On the premise of ensuring driving safety and information safety, in-depth analysis of the behavior data of car owners can not only provide personalized and fun travel services for car owners, but also improve people's travel satisfaction. On the other hand, as a new industry, the Internet of vehicles needs the close integration of upstream and downstream industries and the integration of industrial strength to serve the national transportation power strategy.

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